Fire retardant products of Multi Protect are used on a number of buildings and objects in many countries. Here are just some samples.
WDC Pavilion in Helsinki
All the wood (and there is plenty of it) in the tavern Kochi Ait (Lootsi Street 10, Tallinn, Estonia) was treated with Tinterior FR-I1, our fire retardant woodstain for interior use and finished later with wood oil.
When Estonian representative Getter Jaani performed on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 in Düsseldorf the "buildings" were treated with our Multiprotect FR.
The NO99 Straw Theatre was built on the occasion of Tallinn being the European Capital of Culture, to house a special summer season programme of theatre NO99. As the straw is highly flammable material all of the 2113 straw bales were impregnated with Multiprotect FR