Fire retardant wood stain

Multi Protect has developed an unique 3-in-1 product that has been long-awaited by both professionals and do-it-yourselves - a fire retardant wood stain Multiprotect FR.
Multiprotect FR is meant for both interior and exterior use. Besides the excellent decorative finishes it also gives a superb, Euroclass B-s1,d0 fire retardancy and helps to prevent problems caused by moisture and pests.

Multiprotect FR contains specific additive that provide excellent UV-protection and weather resistance and UV-resistant pigments that ensure the brightness of color for many years. Multiprotect FR-treated surfaces does not need a top coat (paint, lacquer).
It makes a lot of sense to use fire retardant woodstains instead of ordinary ones, especially if the highest class of fire retardancy is required. Our fire retardant woodstains are quality stains with superb covering properties.

Fire retardant woodstains provide you besides beautiful appearance and highest class of fire protection also a considerable saving in time and money:
  • FR woodstains are in the price range of an ordinary stain, although they give also a fire protection;
  • Wooden surface that needs both decorative appearance and fire protection can be processed with one treatment instead of two  or three different materials and treatments;
  • Using FR woodstains saves time, because in case of the ordinary stains anf fire retardants the drying time between two treatments should be at least 24 h.